Needled Mom Sues Parlor Over Son's Tattoo

"Needled Mom Sues Parlor Over Son's Tattoo"
- Original Story by Keiran Crowley, NY Post

A Queens mom sued a Greenwich Village tattoo parlor, claiming one of its artists inked her underage son, leaving him scarred for life.

Mary Couillard, of Rockaway Park, flipped out last August when her son Jason, 17, came home with the word "Carpe" inked on the inside of one wrist and "Diem" on the other, Latin for "seize the day." State law bars tattoo artists from permanently inking anyone under 18.

Couillard filed her lawsuit in Queens Supreme Court Monday against Village Pop Tattoo and Body Piercing and an artist named Julie, who according to the suit inked the tattoos.

Jason says he now regrets being inked. Should he ever get the tattoos removed, there's a possibility he could be left with scars on his wrists, lawyer John Ardito said -- and that could lead others to think wrongly that he once tried to kill himself.

Ardito said he knows "for a fact" that Jason was not asked to prove his age at the parlor.

"It's not like he presented any type of phony ID," Ardito said.

The manager of Village Pop, who identified himself only as Ali, said the records on Jason have since vanished.

"I didn't know I was supposed to keep them," he said.